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Here you can find all the resources you need to successfully market and distribute your books in the digital age.

The growth of the Internet radically changed the music industry and is sweeping through movies, televisions and the conglomerates that control those industries. That wave of change rolling through the publishing industry.

Now that I’ve learned the skills, techniques and strategies to be a successful in this rapidly changing industry I’ve created this website to teach others and expand my business—a classic win-win situation.

Using this website and the newsletter you’ll learn:

  • The four types of publishing available to authors
  • The four skills every indie author needs
  • How to find the skills you don’t have
  • Useful, and inexpensive, software for authors
  • How to look, and be, professional
  • How to market with little or no budget
  • How to focus on strategies, not tactics

Here is how to start

  • Browse the website and the blog (it’s free)
  • Sign-up for the e-zine (also free)

I make money speaking and teaching, and this website is part of my marketing. I’m also writing several books for indie authors. The first will be available on this site next year—but you never have to buy the books, hear me talk or attend a workshop. This website and the e-zine will always be free. 

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